BIA Benedict XVI Institute for Africa
Agbaw Ebai

Agbaw Ebai Ashley

Morality Truly Christian, Truly African: Engagements with the Theology of Paulinus Odozor

Co-organized by Maurice Agbaw-Ebai and Matthew Levering

Mundelein Seminary

November 2-4, 2023

1. Paulinus Odozor, C.S.Sp. (University of Notre Dame) – Respondent at end of event

2. Maurice Ashley Agbaw-Ebai (St. John’s Seminary) – “Ratzinger’s Theological Anthropology in Conversation with Aspects of Paulinus Odozor’s Understanding of the Human Person in Christ”

3. John Cavadini (University of Notre Dame) – Augustine on the Inculturation of Doctrina

4. John Berkman (University of Toronto) – “Abominations and Moral Absolutes:  Killing the Innocent according to Anscombe and Odozor”

5. Jana Bennett (University of Dayton) — “Moral Life and the Importance of Anamnesis”

6. Bede Ukwuije, C.S.Sp. (Duquesne University) – Trinitarian Conception of God as Basis for a Morality Truly Christian and Truly African”

7. Melanie Barrett (Mundelein Seminary) – “Aquinas, Balthasar, and African Tradition: Christian Conversion of Individuals and Cultures”

8. Anthony Akinwale, O.P. (Dominican University, Ibadan, Nigeria) – “Politics and the Common Good” (in absentia)

9. Raymond Olusesan Aina, M.S.P. (National Missionary Seminary of St. Paul, Abuja, Nigeria) – The Unfinished Task of Constructing a Truly African and Christian Moral Theology of Marriage in the Thought of Paulinus Ikechukwu Odozor”

10. David Elliot (Catholic University of America) – “The Legacy of the African Church Fathers to Medieval Theories of Virtue Growth and Spiritual Practice” 

11. David Clairmont (University of Notre Dame) – “Catholic Comparative Theological Ethics: Imagining a Dialogue between Francis Clooney and Paulinus Odozor on Culture, Religion, and Tradition”

12. Dennis Kasule (Mundelein Seminary) – The Challenge of Moral Formation in ‘Missionary’ and ‘Post-Missionary’ Catechumenates”

13. Tegha Nji (University of Notre Dame) – “Paulinus Odozor in Conversation with Joseph Ratzinger on the Question of Ethical Objectivity: A Morality Truly African and Truly Christian?”

14. Matthew Levering (Mundelein Seminary) – “Paulinus Odozor, Bénézet Bujo, and Stephen L. Brock on the Place of Natural Law in Catholic Moral Theology”

15. Emmanuel Ojeifo (University of Notre Dame) – African and Christian: Black Sanctity and the Future of Contemporary African Catholicism”