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Father Zifac

Father Zifac
Diocese of Kumbo

Father Zifac: Jesus draws all people to Himself

Jesus promises that when he is lifted up from the earth, he will draw all people to himself. This is his reply to the Greeks. He will not only be seen by them, but by the whole world. His outstrectched arms on the cross will be ready to welcome everybody.

It is only when we too can detach ourselves from what holds us in this world that we can accept all people. If we are after success, our neighbor becomes a rival and intrigues result. If we seek riches, others become a hindrance and must be kept at a distance. When we are earthbound, we cannot draw people to ourselves for too many things become a barrier. If we seek to serve others, new life is possible. A Christian, no matter how heavy his cross is, cannot be called a failure if he has been a faithful servant.

The visit of the Greeks indicates that Jesus’ message has reached beyond Judaism. It points to the universality of his mission. Jesus’ main point, however, is that nobody can see and understand him unless the cross and resurrection are accepted as part of his life. The Greeks will see more than wonders Jesus worked. They will discover the wonder of God’s love.

Jesus’ cross and resurrection are the reasons for his glorification for these are the culmination of his mission. As parents, we sometimes dream of a future glory of our children, but we often imagine this without considering the cross and the new life it gives. We are afraid that a refusal to our children will lead to a harmful frustration and to the death of their love for us. Only the grain that dies yields a rich harvest. As long as the grain is safe and secure, no new life is possible. The many early Christians who died as martyrs gave growth to the church. Their blood was testimony to the meaningfulness of their faith. All of which flows from the cross of Christ where he promises to draw all men to themselves. May the Cross of Christ draw us closer to God and to one another. Amen.

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