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Father Zifac

Father Zifac
Diocese of Kumbo

Father Zifac: it is well in Jesus’ name

With the uncertainty and political and cultural volatility of nowadays it can be easy to become overwhelmed. It can easy to lose hope and to give in to despair. Thankfully, as Christians we can return to the Scriptures for perspective. We can look to the Word of God and be reminded that for those who know Christ there is a day coming when all will be well.

In Mark 7:31-37 we have the account of a deaf and mute man who is healed by Jesus. It’s a great reminder of the power and compassion of Jesus. But there’s more to be gleaned from this passage than seeing Jesus as a kind miracle worker. The response of the crowd and Mark’s subtle allusion to Isaiah 35 serve as reminders that Jesus came as the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament and to set in motion the fulfillment of the promise that all will be well.

It is well in Jesus’name. Courage. Did you hear that first reading? It is full of promises. God’s promises are based on his provision, He will provide. If God tells you not to be afraid for he is coming why should you and I doubt? Did he not cure a man and can he not cure you? Have faith in the Word of God not in the words of men, trust in the Divine Promises for you not in the theories of men. Your God is coming and surely he will come.

He came to the deaf man to the amazement of the people. He will come to you to the amazement of your enemies.

It is well. It shall be well. Hold on to your God. Be it in your business, be it in your health, be it in your education, be it in your Vocation, be it in your family.

He will come and he will say to that situation or difficulty or problem, “Be opened” and it will come to pass.

Do not be afraid. It is well.