BIA Benedict XVI Institute for Africa

Joseph Ratzinger and the Future of African Theology

Edited by Maurice Ashley Agbaw-Ebai and Matthew Levering

Publishers Synopsis

This book engages the theology of Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI in dialogue with African Catholic theological concerns and challenges. After an Introduction by Matthew Levering arguing that African Catholic theology is an important resource for the whole Church, the book contains ten chapters by African and non-African Catholic theologians. Paulinus Odozor investigates whether and, if so, how the God of Jesus Christ stands in continuity with the God known to African Traditional Religions. Paul Ọlátúbọsún Àdajà addresses faith and reason in light of the current African anthropological crisis. Tegha Nji and Valery Akoh connect Ratzinger’s idea of “pro-existence” with traditional African understandings of solidarity. Jacob Phillips compares the theologies of Robert Cardinal Sarah and Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. Dennis Kasule examines the requirements of a New Evangelization for Africa, in light of the case of Uganda. Joseph Lugalambi proposes that the Catholic liturgies of Africa are in need of reform. Mary-Reginald N. Anibueze explores the Eucharist as a socio-communitarian event. Emery de Gaál reflects upon Ratzinger/Benedict’s theology of inculturation. Joseph Ogbonnaya treats Caritas in Veritate with a focus upon the case of Nigeria. Maurice Ashley Agbaw-Ebai meditates upon Ratzinger’s understanding of political power.

Editorial Reviews

“This collection of essays showcases the theological depth of the emerging generation of African Catholic scholars and offers a window into their understanding of the crisis of Western Christianity and the problems of African Christianity. . . . This work will have strong appeal for all those interested in the theology of Joseph Ratzinger and Robert Sarah, in the problem of secularism, and in the hope that the faith of African Catholicism holds for the universal church.”

Tracey Rowland, University of Notre Dame, Australia