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Father Fumbii Ferdinand Nsah

Father Fumbii Ferdinand Nsah
Archdiocese of Bamenda

Father Ferdinand: My Parish in Pictures

Front view and side view of the uncompleted St Therese of the Child Jesus Parish Esu
These are the locally made pews with bamboos where the Christians sit during Mass
View of the Sanctuary
During the rainy season we always face difficulties with rain. When it rains heavily and since the windows are not locked, rain enters the Church and we have to sweep the out the water before celebrating Mass
Celebrating Mass with the Christians on Sunday in the Main Mission
This is the road we use to go to the Mission Stations which at times only motorbikes have access but most at times we trek since the Parish has no motorbike
Celebrating Mass in the Mission Station after trekking for 7 hours
Went to one of the Mission Stations to celebrate Mass on Sunday and they are using a classroom as their church building
On our way to the Hill on a Lenten Parish Pilgrimage while praying the Stations of the Cross
Mass during the Lenten Pilgrimage
Christian in Church during Mass in the Mission Station
After Mass with the Mass Servers on December 26th Feast of St Stephen their Patron Saint
Some few Mass Servers who were dedicated during Mass on that Day 26th December 2020
Celebrating Mass in one of the Mission Stations
The Mass Servers on the Feast of Christ the Universal King